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Those that grow spontaneously and unintentionally without seeds, wildflowers bloom early in the spring creating natural beauty at its most prevalent. From the stunning snowdrop to the delicate blue cornflower, and many more in-between, each collection represents a beautifully unique wildflower found flourishing within the exquisite Welsh landscape.

Bluebell Drop Earrings
Snowdrop Earrings
Violet Stud Earrings
Violet Pendant
Welsh Poppy Pendant
Bluebell Pendant
Welsh Poppy Stud Earrings
Snowdrop Pendant
Blossom Hoop Earrings
Blossom Half Hoop Earrings
Blossom Circle Pendant
Blossom Circle Bracelet
Corn Flower Blue Sapphire Earrings *SALE*
£119  £59.50
Welsh Poppy Diamond and Ruby Pendant
Wildflower Celandine Stud Earrings *SALE*
£400  £200
Welsh Poppy Diamond and Ruby Stud Earrings
Blossom Engraveable Circle Pendant
Blossom Stacking Ring
Blossom Ring
Forget Me Not Stud Earrings
Forget Me Not Pendant
Corn Flower Sapphire Pendant *SALE*
£149  £74.50
Wildflower Celandine Pendant *SALE*
£500  £250